Business Video gets the Hollywood Treatment

These days a business video producer can employ tools and techniques that were once the exclusive province of high budget Hollywood films. Cinema quality images and sound are now the new standard. But the defining power of the successful movie is still the Story. The cinema experience is all about storytelling. About purpose, drama, adventure, comedy, conflict, resolution and achievement. And the business video narrative is no different.

When your audience buys into your story and is swept along by the force of your narrative they become invested in your vision and mission. Once your story resonates with the viewer they become far more likely to trust you, like you, buy from you and recommend you to others. Your story is the ice-breaker that personalises your business, gives it a human face and breaks down the barriers of doubt and hesitation that can retard a sale.


Live Action

Live action is the real world footage obtained from a movie camera - authentic location footage of your business enterprise in action. It can include on-camera appearances by the business owner or spokesperson, product demonstrations, customer testimonials and a guided tour of your plant or facility under normal working conditions.


Animation 2D, 3D

Animation can present information and tell a story in a way that captures your audience’s imagination. A 2D cartoon character presenter can deliver a perfect pitch to help you stand out from your competition. 3D CGI animation can also be utilised to create a more realistic or solid simulation of real life characters and environments.


Motion Graphics

Motion graphics are the digital manipulation of text and graphic objects to create the illusion of motion or animation in multimedia projects. Some examples in business application include the use of animated bar charts, architectural fly-throughs, cross sectional views of working equipment and numbers, charts, logos and icons.



Multimedia is a system of relaying information or entertainment that includes many different forms of communication. Multimedia is the combination of text, sound, and/or motion video. In live situations, it often includes the use of a presenter together with sound, images, and motion video. An example of this is a Powerpoint or Keynote presentation.